Our standard size in-stock, for immediate delivery, is our 16" cut and split firewood.  We can also process to order in sizes ranging from 12" to 24" in length.
Packaged Firewood Products
We offer wholesale bundled firewood for sale to wholesale distributors, retail stores, campgrounds, marinas, and any other interested resellers. We offer scheduled, free local deliveries within a select area.  In addition we can provide bulk products to many markets throughout the Northeast.
Let us help you sell the many items that go along with a summer's night campfire.  If you're not selling packaged firewood you are missing a great source of revenue.

We can add:
  • Fire starter 
  • Carry handle 
  • Private label
Kiln Dried Firewood
In 2009 we added the first of three computerized dry kilns, thus adding kiln dried firewood to our product offering.  We are excited about this expansion as it has helped to expand and diversify our growing business.  Please contact us for further information on this premium addition to our product offering. 

Traditional Firewood Products
When we deliver your order we will bring you only clean, quality hardwood firewood.  
Full-cord (4'x4'x8') prices from $200 in volume.